Energy issues, pain, trauma etc.

I have seen Dr. Goodman over the past 15 years and he has helped me with a wide variety of ailments. He has been able to positively impact everything from chronic back problems to less concrete challenges such as general stress and my overall energy level. For many years our young son was a regular patient. I find Dr. Goodman’s osteopathic techniques much more effective than traditional acupuncture, which I was previously an enthusiast. Having lived in both the SF bay area and other parts of the US, he is the best medical practitioner I have experienced. He can also tell some great jokes.

Treated for major trauma

Dr. Goodman has treated me over the last year, on a monthly basis. Each time I am on his treatment table I can feel my body healing as he used his deep understanding of the body and Osteopathic medicine to heal my body. I would with out reservation recommend Dr.Goodman to anyone who is in need of an Osteopathic treatment.

Helped with multiple issues over 10 years

I have been seeing Dr. Goodman for over 10 years. He is in many ways (all positive) unlike any other physician I have ever seen. He has helped me with multiple problems from back and hip pain, to post surgical healing. His intuitiveness is amazing. I have recommended him to many friends and acquaintances in the past, all with good results, not to mention my wife and children which should pretty much let you know how I feel about his practice.

I would recommend you find some info on osteopathy if you are not familiar before seeing him, but my recommendation is without reservation.

20+ years of being helped by Dr Goodman

My family and I, including young children, first met Dr. Goodman 20+ years ago when our daughter (9 years old) was having gastrointestinal problems that were not responding to traditional allopathic treatment.  He was highly successful in alleviating her severe bouts of pain, and we’ve been seeing him ever since.

My most recent visit was due to intense sciatic pain, the result of a muscle sprain after lifting a nearly 60 lb. bucket of dirt. After several days of intense discomfort, I drove myself to Suburban Hospital’s ER. Three hours later, x-rays, and three prescriptions, I went home still in pain. The meds helped but I was not comfortable taking them for the prescribed time frame. Three weeks later, still having shooting pain down my left leg, I went to see Dr. Goodman. I should have seen him before going to the ER.

After one visit, my leg pain is negligible, and I can sit and walk comfortably. I’ll see Dr. Goodman in about ten days for one more treatment, and I suspect it will be my last for this issue. I highly recommend Dr. Goodman and suggest not waiting as long as I did!

A few years ago, I told my physician, that I had numbness and tingling in my forearm. Having suffered a herneated cervical disc decades before, I was worried that there had been further deterioration, resulting in the aforementioned symptom.

He advised me to consult with an osteopathic specialist and recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Goodman for treatment.

That was the beginning of what has developed, over the years, into a remarkable health-care experience, marked by a deepening trust and awe of the expertise and dedication that Dr. Goodman brings to his practice – not to mention concern for his patients.

He has helped me – body, mind, and spirit – to recover from a variety of strains and sprains and also, I now realize, damaging mental preoccupations. I have walked into his office limping and in pain and left with that problem completely erased. There have been too many instances of ‘miraculous’ healing to recount.

Most recently, I took a bad fall outside my back door in an icy, slippery deck. I knew that if I were to get myself, immediately, to Dr. Goodman, he would put me well on the road to recovery, which is exactly what has happened.

Through use of osteopathic and acupuncture treatments, the injuries I sustained from that fall have slowly but quickly resolved. He was able to confirm that there were no broken bones nor internal injuries.

Beyond the physical healing that he inculcates comes, when I am under his direct care, a tremendous feeling of relief and trust that ‘all will be well.’

I have come to respect, more than I can say, Dr. Goodman’s gifts as a practioner.

He is a rarity in the medical field: a true healer.

Dr. Goodman is an excellent osteopath. He practices cranial and general osteopathy and has three decades of experience with these highly sophisticated and refined osteopathic techniques. I first went to him when I was 16 years old in 1993 because of horrible low back pain that made it excruciating for me to sit. After having had months of chiropractic treatment that only worsened my pain, my mother found out about Dr. Goodman and took me to see him. He seemed to know exactly what was wrong with my back right away just by giving me a thorough examination! I proceeded to go to him regularly for treatment and he was able to successfully resolve my back issues. If you have gone through a multitude of tests in order to discover the cause of your chronic back pain and have not gotten any answers or relief, Dr. Goodman may provide you with the solution you are seeking!

Yesterday with you was so terrific I can’t even express it. It happened at every level.

Somehow my body rearranged. I have no more pain in leg, hips, jaw, pelvis – it had been growing so bad I could barely walk anymore.

Those who have seen me since yesterday are all asking, what the heck is going on?

I feel just marvelous. unafraid, not trying to repair or figure out the past, history, etc. …..but rather right here on the way of being in the moment, fully alive! What  a rare gift.

With love.

You were so kind to care for my daughter today in spite of your full schedule. I will always remember Diana’s bright shining face and spontaneous hug for you as she sprung off the table after your treatment. You gave her back her bright bubbly spirit that was somewhere deep inside after her concussion. … You truly are my hero in so many ways and for so many years. … Thank you for healing Diana so she can continue to do what she loves… Dance.

Thank you.. thank you… thank you…. sooooo very much from deep in my heart…you are a good wise healer and friend to me…Your generosity kindness and care is a great blessing to me and my family.

I actually had enough energy after your treatment of me today to chip away ice in my driveway.

I can hardly believe it…..normally I am as energetic as a limp dishrag this time in the afternoon.

Thank you!

Dr. Goodman rocks!

His expertise and caring manner have been a blessing – especially in helping me fully recover from a traumatic cycling accident.

I am back to working out everyday and most grateful for such impressive results!