20+ years of being helped by Dr Goodman

My family and I, including young children, first met Dr. Goodman 20+ years ago when our daughter (9 years old) was having gastrointestinal problems that were not responding to traditional allopathic treatment.  He was highly successful in alleviating her severe bouts of pain, and we’ve been seeing him ever since.

My most recent visit was due to intense sciatic pain, the result of a muscle sprain after lifting a nearly 60 lb. bucket of dirt. After several days of intense discomfort, I drove myself to Suburban Hospital’s ER. Three hours later, x-rays, and three prescriptions, I went home still in pain. The meds helped but I was not comfortable taking them for the prescribed time frame. Three weeks later, still having shooting pain down my left leg, I went to see Dr. Goodman. I should have seen him before going to the ER.

After one visit, my leg pain is negligible, and I can sit and walk comfortably. I’ll see Dr. Goodman in about ten days for one more treatment, and I suspect it will be my last for this issue. I highly recommend Dr. Goodman and suggest not waiting as long as I did!

Michelle TSilver Spring, Maryland