Dr. Goodman does not participate with any third party payers. This means he does not accept any insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle assignment and other such arrangements.

You will pay the charge for services at the time of the visit and be given forms which you can submit to the insurance or other payer as appropriate. Our forms contain all the necessary information these payers request generally. We have fine tuned them for over 20 years and they should support you in getting reimbursement according to the terms of your plan  with the insurance company. If you have questions on this, we will attempt to help you.

If your insurance plan allows you to see a doctor outside of their network, they generally will reimburse some percentage of our costs depending on your particular plan.

For more information on reimbursement for your particular insurance plan, it is best tocall your insurance company and inquire regarding their coverage. Ask the secretary for the specific codes we use before you call them.

Do not ask about coverage for osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. Simply ask if you are allowed to see a physician out of network. As a DO, Dr. Goodman is considered a fully licensed physician and surgeon by all insurance companies. He provides rehabilitation medicine services including osteopathic manipulation. Insurance representatives do not deal in subtleties. Keep it very simple to avoid making problems for yourself when getting information from them.

If you are part of an HMO that doesn’t specifically offer osteopathic manipulative medicine  to its members, then ask your primary care physician in the plan for a referral. That way, it is possible the HMO may be willing to pay for some of your costs. As my mother would say, it wouldn’t hurt.