What to expect.

Unlike certain other practices where the doctor will evaluate you and then turn you over to a physical therapist, non-physician osteopath, or some other non-physician provider, Dr. Goodman will personally work with you each time you come here.

There will never be anyone else who evaluates and treats you here. You will have the opportunity to form a personal therapeutic relationship with him. This makes an enormous difference in the quality of your care.

The first visit he will spend an hour with you. He will read whatever you have written, take notes, and ask relevant questions to base his physical exam on.

Following this he will do whatever exam he believes is necessary to help him figure out what is causing your problem and how to change this so that you feel better. He will also get a sense of how your entire system has compensated due to whatever has happened in your life.

He will then treat you during the initial visit.

Unlike other practices, all treatment is included in the price of the visit. This will reduce the cost of the visit to you. No extra charge for acupuncture, for homeopathic evaluation, for psychotherapy, and the many other add ons which are involved in patient care here.

Supplies such as homeopathic remedies which are available in the office as a convenience, are extra but the cost is minimal. For example, homeopathic medicines in pill form are $10 per vial or as administered in the office. This price has not changed since the practice was first opened in 1991.

Every single visit will begin with a short, hands-on evaluation to figure out how your system has responded to treatment and what is currently going on throughout the entire system. This is done in real time. There are no costly exams which will need to be sent out such as blood tests, imaging studies, etc. If he believes you need them he will write a prescription for it and give it to you. However, that is quite rare.

Because of his training in palpation and understanding of the living body and how it feels when healthy and when there is a deviation from health, he is able to quickly pinpoint trouble spots and target them for treatment.

If you have any questions during the visit Dr. Goodman will attempt to answer them.

Following the above, you will be rescheduled for a follow-up visit as required.