Logistics of getting to us.


Location of the office

Our office is located at 8609 Second Avenue, Suite 405-B, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910

When you are standing in front of the building you will see three numbered entrances. The middle one, 8609, will lead to our office.

Enter our building by passing underneath the large number 8609 and walking for a bit until you see an elevator on your right and a stairwell on your left. Take the elevator to floor 4. Our office will be 15 feet from where you get off. It is a free standing office with our name on a plaque. (OR take the stairs up two flights. You will come to our office, which is labeled.)

Yes, I know two flights does not equal four levels. I just work here; the architect has since been committed and is not available for comment.

Location: Washington, DC/ Silver Spring, Maryland.


You have various parking options.

If you can find a parking spot on the street and the meter will take two hours, put in that amount. You can park on Second Avenue or Spring Street, which is a half block from our office. Spring Street usually has more free spaces.

That being said, I park in the county parking garage between Fenwick Lane and Cameron Street. I advise anyone who is willing to walk two blocks to do so, too.

Garage 7 - Cameron Garage

Cameron – Second Garage (Garage 7)

Location: 8530 Cameron Street, Silver Spring
You can enter from Cameron Street or from Fenwick Lane.

Find a space that allows long-term parking. If you enter from Fenwick Lane, you may find such a space right away; if you enter from Cameron Street, you will need to drive up a level before you find long-term spaces. Write down the space number and then go to an exit of the garage and punch the number in the payment machine. The machine takes credit cards and cash. Put in about two hours. You never know if you will need it so just do it. The cost is comparable or cheaper than the meters. (Better yet, you can use the ParkMobile app on your mobile phone to pay just by entering the location code of the garage — 307 — followed by your four-digit space number. When you finish parking, you can end the session in the app, and thus you don’t pay for any extra time. It pays to install the app before your drive, because wireless internet inside the garage can be spotty.)

Then walk out of the garage and go to Second Avenue. Turn right and go until you get to 8609 and follow the directions above.

If you have any problems, just phone us at 301.565.2494 and we will send out a search party.

Do not park in our building. You will be towed.

Transportation options

You can drive to us and park as described above. There is a Google Map on the home page of this site to assist you.

You can also take Metro. Get on the Red line train going toward Glenmont. Get off at the Silver Spring station. Walk in the direction of the front of the train until you come to the last exit which will read, Colesville Road, North Side. Go downstairs, exit the station toward the right. Walk up the stairs via a courtyard between two office buildings until you come to a street. You are now on Second Avenue. Turn left and walk until you come to 8609 Second Ave. Follow the above directions to get to our office.

If you ride a bicycle, you can bring it into the office unless you are willing to chain it to the railing in front of our suite.