All the other office stuff.


The office is open Monday through Friday except for Wednesday from 9am until approximately 3pm. The secretary is in to answer the phone until approximately 2pm, so if you want to speak to a human being instead of a machine, call in the morning.


Our location is 8609 Second Ave. Suite 405-B, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. When you reach the building, go under the number 8609 and either walk up two flights of stairs or take the elevator to the fourth floor where you will find our office.

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland / Washington, DC


We suggest that you park in the public parking garage with entrances on Cameron and Fenwick Sts. The garage is between Second Avenue and Georgia Ave. Park on any floor above the second one. Remember your space and pay upon exiting. You may pay with credit cards or cash.


Payment is to be made at the time of service. You will receive a superbill with all the codes and other information required by most insurance companies. It is your responsibility to send the form to the insurance company for reimbursement. Since Dr. Goodman is a licensed physician and surgeon and we use common codes for physicians which are recognized by all insurance companies, if your contract allows you to see physicians outside of the approved network, you will often be reimbursed according to your plan.

Third party payment

Dr. Goodman does not participate as a provider with any insurance company. He does not participate in Medicare. Also, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you will pay at the time of service and receive reimbursement from your auto insurance provider when you submit the bills we provide you with. We do not accept Worker’s Comp though you can come if you are injured on the job and work out reimbursement with the firm.


If we have to send out a requested report which we prepare or a copy of your notes which we have to dictate and have typed up by our staff, you will be accordingly charged.


Dr. Goodman will not participate in any trials or testify or do depositions for patients.


You will always be able to contact Dr. Goodman by e mail. He checks it daily. The e mail is:  You can also use the Contact form to reach him by e mail. Just go to the home page and click the bar on the right hand side of the page that reads, Have a question?  Messages left on our office phone/answering machine will generally be answered within 24 hours unless the office is closed in which case we will make an effort to answer them by the next business day.  Our phone is 301.565.2494.

Missed appointments

No one can foresee the future. So you may need to change your appointment or just cancel it. We understand and will help you as best as we can if you contact us at least 24 hours ahead of time. We only see a few people each day in order to provide as much time as is necessary to give you true quality visits. So if someone cancels at the last moment it may be difficult to fill the slot. This inconveniences those who wanted to come but were told that there was no free time as well as our staff which came in specifically to serve you at that time.

Though we will make every attempt to fill the cancelled appointment, if you cancel but  don’t provide much advance time it is very hard for us to do this. If you cancel without giving at least 24 hours notice more than once, we will ask you to pay for the full appointment. If it happens more than twice we will request you to find another physician.

We are here for you. We ask that you help us support you and our other patients by acting responsibly.