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My friend and teacher, John Sarno, MD.

My friend and teacher, John Sarno, MD.

There is no mind separate from the body and vice versa. If you worry enough you can get an ulcer. These days physicians and drug companies would have us believe that gastric ulcers are solely due to a bacterial infection, H. Pylorii. Naturally ,they have a drug to sell you which will help you.

Don’t believe them. The ulcer is because the patient is a worrier. Constant worry can have a physical effect which, in this case, is an ulcer.

Many physical ailments (pain, skin issues, heart issues, gut problems, sleep disorders,+) have their genesis in emotional patterns. Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment of these things are not taught in any medical school I know of.

So I went up to NYC and trained with John Sarno, MD, the acknowledged expert in these things. Thanks to his tutelage I have been able to help many people whom I otherwise would not have been able to aid.

Dr. Sarno, who is now retired, taught me how to help patients with what he calls TMS, tension myoneural syndrome. I have done this for several years and the patients usually respond quite well. John Sarno wrote five books on the subject. Some patients feel better just by reading his books. He advises patients who suspect they have TMS to see a physician who can examine them to rule out organic, physical causes of their problem. Because of my years of working hands-on with patients, this is something I am quite good at. I don’t need imaging studies to confirm what my hands tell me. Also, because of my extensive training in applied psychology and psychotherapy, I am very comfortable working with patients who need help with emotional issues. So the two fields naturally just coincided for me.

It doesn’t hurt that I love to help patients with emotional issues. I have struggled with such things over the years and am now feeling pretty good. I truly understand and empathise with people who are dealing with such things because of my own story. We have a connection that is very special for me.

There is no body and mind. It is one. It works as a single system. If you understand that then you will understand the genesis and treatment for many medical problems.

Such understanding is necessary to help patients. The second and much rarer part of the equation is the know how, what to do and how to do it.

So I feel I have something unique to offer to the many patients who are traveling on this journey of life.