Over many years I have come to the conclusion that while our bodies are bio-mechanical devices, machines, we are not our bodies.

The body is a material form which has a beginning and a definite end which is usually called death.

However, man is not the body. Even if we wanted to solely be our body we could not achieve this.

We are non-physical. Call it spirit, life force, whatever you will. That is what we truly are. And that force cannot get sick and is never born and will never die. How could it? It is not physical.

It is possible to work directly with this level of our experience. This is called metaphysics.

This work was first revealed to me in 1993 when I was at a desperate place in my life. I had never asked for help and considered myself a strict materialist. As far as I was concerned, I was my body and there was nothing else. It wasn’t a nice place to live from but I knew no other way.

After a particularly horrible experience I finally asked for help. My request was simple: I have exhausted all of my options and am miserable. I really need help but have not found it anywhere. With all of my university training, higher degrees, reading of so many books, years of meditation, and innumerable self improvement courses, I am at an impasse.

If there is any intelligence in this Universe that can feel my pain and help me, please, help me. Now .

I had what some might term a spiritual experience. It was as if something heard me and responded. My entire life changed for the better.

I knew with absolute certainty that not only was I not alone but also that I would be taken care of 100%.

I was also shown over a short time how to help others. Every treatment where I tune into what I term God, is a healing session in the truest sense.

It is not necessary for the patient to in any way share my experience or beliefs. Why would you?

I used to live life from my head, to think my way through life. It didn’t work though that didn’t stop me from trying and trying again. No matter how many times I tried to make things happen in this way, I was thwarted. But only 100% of the time.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well, according to that definition I was stark, raving mad. But I didn’t know any other way.

It was only when I stopped trying to make life happen according to my terms that things just fell into place.

I have a little saying that came to me one day while I was in the office sitting with a patient: Life is wonderful……and then I think about it.

Go figure.