A few years ago, I told my physician, that I had numbness and tingling in my forearm. Having suffered a herneated cervical disc decades before, I was worried that there had been further deterioration, resulting in the aforementioned symptom.

He advised me to consult with an osteopathic specialist and recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Goodman for treatment.

That was the beginning of what has developed, over the years, into a remarkable health-care experience, marked by a deepening trust and awe of the expertise and dedication that Dr. Goodman brings to his practice – not to mention concern for his patients.

He has helped me – body, mind, and spirit – to recover from a variety of strains and sprains and also, I now realize, damaging mental preoccupations. I have walked into his office limping and in pain and left with that problem completely erased. There have been too many instances of ‘miraculous’ healing to recount.

Most recently, I took a bad fall outside my back door in an icy, slippery deck. I knew that if I were to get myself, immediately, to Dr. Goodman, he would put me well on the road to recovery, which is exactly what has happened.

Through use of osteopathic and acupuncture treatments, the injuries I sustained from that fall have slowly but quickly resolved. He was able to confirm that there were no broken bones nor internal injuries.

Beyond the physical healing that he inculcates comes, when I am under his direct care, a tremendous feeling of relief and trust that ‘all will be well.’

I have come to respect, more than I can say, Dr. Goodman’s gifts as a practioner.

He is a rarity in the medical field: a true healer.

President, Art RegWashington, DC