What Patients Say

Dr. Goodman is an excellent osteopath. He practices cranial and general osteopathy and has three decades of experience with these highly sophisticated and refined osteopathic techniques. I first went to him when I was 16 years old in 1993 because of horrible low back pain that made it excruciating for me to sit. After having had months of chiropractic treatment that only worsened my pain, my mother found out about Dr. Goodman and took me to see him. He seemed to know exactly what was wrong with my back right away just by giving me a thorough examination! I proceeded to go to him regularly for treatment and he was able to successfully resolve my back issues. If you have gone through a multitude of tests in order to discover the cause of your chronic back pain and have not gotten any answers or relief, Dr. Goodman may provide you with the solution you are seeking! TeacherVirginia