Expert in concussion. Maryland

Dr Goodman has been treating concussions for over 25 years.

He is a residency-trained specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, having done a three year residency at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Washington, DC. There he was taught state of the art approaches to the diagnosis and management of concussions.

What is especially unique in his approach to this increasingly common issue is that he uses osteopathic diagnosis and treatment as well as other non-drug approaches to support patients.

At the time of this writing, he is working with many young people who, besides needing to be cleared for school, camp, sports activities, and other things, require care so that they will have zero carry over effects from their injuries.

Most patients for these problems will see neurologists or other physicians who lack the hands-on background for diagnosing and treating these conditions. They may, indeed, clear a patient to return to school, work or other activities based on an imaging study ( MRI, CT, etc.) but do not actually put their hands on the patient to examine in real time what is going on.

This is critical for not only full recovery but also for identifying and treating the many things that happen with closed head injury, head injury, traumatic brain injury, concussion and do not show up on the MRI, CT studies.

Dr Goodman is a recognized expert in the evaluation and treatment of concussions.

His results with patients who were told that nothing more could be done for them and who today are back to leading a full life speak for themselves.